BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Life is Freak’n Amazing?

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Apparently the Research In Motion BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone has some “freaki’n amazing” battery life according to Kevin over at Crackberry who has apparently been going round asking everyone he comes across with a BlackBerry Bold 97100 “So how about that battery life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700?”

He’s not too sure what Research In Motion have done short of waved a magic wand in the developer labs or even stuck moon isotopes under the battery cover, or even rewrote and optimised the radio stack, but he says whatever RIM did is has worked.

Over the past few years RIM has crammed features into the BlackBerry which has taken a toll on battery life, but apparently the BlackBerry Bold 9700 has changed that and he says delivers an easy two days of life.

The screen capture is of his Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 after exactly 24 hours of steady use and this morning he still had over “half the juice” left whereas his original BlackBerry Bold 900 would have hit yellow bars; so it does look like RIM have solved the battery life problem, now is there anyone who has a BlackBerry Bold 9700 who can confirm this out there?

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One Comment on BlackBerry Bold 9700 Battery Life is Freak’n Amazing?

  • Kris
    15 December, 2009, 16:11

    Had mine for 4 days now and I have recharged it 3 times now, I cant get the loooong batterylife everyone is talking about and neither can my business partner, is there some trick to make it happen? Something to turn off / on?

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