Cool Desktop Gadgets for Back to School

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The latest crop of cool gadgets for back to school include speaker systems, screen protectors and more. There is one special offer which is too good to pass up, where students who a new computer get an Xbox 360 video game system for free.

When you buy a Windows 7 PC for a student at a price of $699 or higher at a variety of retailers they will throw in a free Xbox 360 console which is a $199 value. These consoles are the standard model which come with a 4 GB hard drive. They are useful for a lot more than playing games because they also can stream movies, TV shows and more. Some participating retailers are also offering up to a 10% discount on a laptop for students as an alternative promotion.

Desktop Gadget for Laptop Protection

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Druva inSync software is a desktop gadget for laptop protection. It is a tenacious backup software that will backup even infrequent system users automatically. Traditional backup methods can be complicated and sluggish, but Druva is faster and works well for laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Many small businesses lack an effective laptop back up process, but its recommended that all businesses should have both an online and local backup solution in place. There are many options for backup, including cloud service providers and desktop backup tools. Some organizations use a combination of tools while others employ the same tool for all their systems. However, the larger companies seem to be moving to consolidate all of their device backup needs under a single data protection strategy. This is becoming a necessity in dealing with a multiple gadget enterprise environment.

Desktop Gadget for Payments

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A Canadian e-commerce company has created a desktop gadget that turns mobile devices and computers into cash registers. This is a great solution for small businesses, as it will allow them to process credit card payments from various devices. The service is similar to a US service called Square which is not available in Canada. The service by NetSecure, called Kudos, is designed for small businesses who want to bypass the hassle of establishing traditional credit card service.

Kudos comes with payment software to replace the payment terminal with a swiping device that hooks up to smartphones, tablets and PCs. The merchant is charged 2.9% on each sale, plus a 20 cent transaction fee. This is more cost effective for small businesses since it saves them hundreds on upfront investment in traditional credit card terminals.